Episode 8 – Small Shop Interview – The Dapper Dodo

Tune in to episode 8 to hear my fun interview with Jill from The Dapper Dodo. Find out all about how she manages working full time, raising a young family and running a small shop. I also share the story about how and WHY we met that started with me crying and ended with us being forever friends!

Mentioned in this episode:

Durham HomeMade Makers for makers and customers in Durham Region Ontario.

You can find Jill at

Episode 7 – Minisode – My Full Circle Weekend!

Episode 7 is a minisode all about the ups and downs of my weekend which included pink eye, being a vendor at a big market, black balloons, small shop love and pink eye (yes this needed to be mentioned twice!)

Also don’t forget you can find us on instagram @beingbossypodcast

This stunning #ladyboss cookie was given to me this weekend at the market by the sweet mama behind Dream Day Events. Go check her out!

Episode 6 – Surfing Ninjas Clothing Interview

**This episode is UNCENSORED, earbuds are probably a good idea**

Tune in for a candid interview with Shay from Surfing Ninjas Clothing in Toronto. She opens up about almost dying, her mission to bring awareness about knock offs in the shop world and going on tour with Britney Spears!

You can find her at

**This episode is UNCENSORED, earbuds are probably a good idea**

Episode 5 – Petit Remy Interview

In this episode I chatted with Theresa the shop boss behind Petit Remy about the inspiration behind her shop and how she got started to her new fitness journey and love for zumba!

You can find Theresa on Instagram at @petit.remy and @agirlhasnoblog, on YouTube and on her website www.petitremy.com

If you’re looking for the instagram people Theresa mentions in this interview here they are.

Photographer @mattcrump

DIYer @studiodiy

Inspo @abeautifulmess

Baker @vickiee_yo

The zumba song she mentions is Ponteme by Jenn Morel

petit remy

Episode 4 – 5 Pros and Cons of running a small shop!

Episode 4 image

If you are thinking about starting a small shop or already have one you will want to tune in to hear some of my pros and cons of being a small shop boss! I break it down and let you know the good AND bad of the small shop worlds!